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Secular Views of Leadership

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In the secular approach to leadership, there is an inherent belief that hard work will get you to the top and guarantee success. Think of a time in your professional life when this has proven to be true. What were the circumstances? How much influence did you have on the outcome? How do your responses compare to the views of servant leadership? How do your responses compare to the secular view of leadership.

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I have mixed observations of the validity of this statement. There is an old adage that states, "Practice makes perfect." If a leader or entrepreneur is consistent in his or her endeavors and makes the best use of his or her time to remain focused on the task, then success can be achieved. However, the measure of success is determined by the goals of the prospective successor. For example, every year on New Year's day, everyone all over the world makes a promise or a New Year's resolution that they will become better versions of themselves (e.g. lose a few pounds, learn a new language, etc.), success is guaranteed upon an individuals propensity to follow through with the goal with minimal deviation.

In most cases, an individual's tenacity, drive, and work ethic will cause an individual to incur longevity in the corporate world. In some circumstances a ...

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