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    Leadership style evident in Alan Mulally's leadership at Ford

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    Write a paper, not including cover and reference pages, 12 pt. font, 1" margins, double spaced, in which you address the following question:

    What leadership style(s) are evident in Alan Mulally's leadership at Ford?

    Be sure to refer to the leadership theories discussed in the required readings that you think may apply, differentiate leadership from management, and describe how those theories are reflected in Ballmer's behavior. Support your argument with evidence from the article and any other news sources you find on the Internet.

    Assignment Expectation: assignments generally call for an analysis of a set of facts pertaining to the module topic and a particular organization. Some evaluative discussion is usually called for and, sometimes, some recommendations based on the analysis. Before undertaking the actual case, it is helpful to begin with a relevant theoretical framework - concepts, principles, best practices, and/or performance criteria and standards based on background readings - against which those facts can be compared, thus providing an objective and explicit foundation for conclusions.

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    Leadership style of Allan Mulally

    There are different approaches or styles of leadership or management styles that are based on different assumptions and theories. The style that individuals would use depends on their values, beliefs, and preferences as well as organizational culture and norms that promote some styles or discourage others. Some of the leadership styles are: charismatic style, participative style, situational style, transactional style, transformational style, the quiet leader, and servant leadership. Leaders may be concerned for people and they must also be concerned for work to be done. How much attention to pay to one or other depends on the style of leader? This model was defined by Blake and Mouton in 1960s. According to this model there are five leadership styles. These are:

    ? Impoverished management: Leaders have minimum effort to get the work done. They have a tendency to avoid as much work as possible.
    ? Authority-compliance: Leaders will have strong focus on task but little concern with people. They have focus on improving efficiency and eliminating people wherever possible.
    ? Country club management: Leaders have care and concern for people with friendly environment and collegial style. However there is low focus on task.
    ? Middle of the road management: Leaders have a weak balance of focus on both people and work. They do enough to get things done but not push boundaries.
    ? Team management: People are committed to task and leader is committed to people. Leaders try to balance all corners of the organization.

    Allan R. Mulally was appointed CEO of Ford ...

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    The leadership styles which are evident in Alan Mulally's leadership at Ford are examined.