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    Leadership: Changing Efforts

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    Why is trust important to change efforts? How would you as a leader foster development of it in your organization?

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    Let's look at the literature on trust, which you can draw on for your final copy. I also included some extra information at the end of this response.


    1. Why is trust important to change efforts?

    Trust is important to change efforts because "interpersonal trust promotes creativity, conflict management, empowerment, teamwork, and leadership during times of uncertainty and change." (www.wright.edu/~scott.williams/.../trust.htm) Employees who trust the leader and people they work with are "self-assured, open and honest, willing to take risks, less resistant to change, and inclined to act in a trustworthy manner." (www.wright.edu/~scott.williams/.../trust.htm) With a high level of trust, the leader is able to introduce changes with less resistance from employees.

    2. How would you as a leader foster development of it in your organization?

    As a leader, you might implement the following actions and policies in order to promote trust among individuals and groups:

    ? Invest in employees. Provide training and development experiences for employees. Provide benefits packages that symbolize a concern for employees and their families, such as maternity/paternity leave and elder care.
    ? Promote open communication. Practice an "open door" policy that permits all employees to share their concerns with management. Regularly survey employees to obtain their input and respond to the survey's findings.
    ? Behave in an ethical and socially responsible manner. By taking the initiative to be a good corporate citizen, organizations demonstrate integrity and caring.
    ? Provide job security. Layoffs breed distrust. We invest a certain amount of our careers, psychological identity, and personal ...

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