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    Leader-member Exchange Model

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    You have been invited by the human resources manager of a medium-sized company to prepare a "report" on "In Groups and Out Groups." The report will be distributed to departmental VPs and directors.

    In the report you should:

    Introduce the concepts of In and Out groups.

    Describe a situation where you (or someone you know) were a member of the "In group" and another situation where you (or someone you know) were a member of the "Out group." This should be an example from your own business experience.

    Analyze and explain the major differences between the two situations.

    Explain how having an in-group and an out-group affected the groups and the organization.

    To what extent was membership in either the in-group or the out-group based on task related performance factors? What non-task related factors entered into the decision?

    Describe the implications for leadership and a leader's relationship with followers.

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