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Change is Good

After watching the Change is good movie clip, list three ways in which it can impact your leadership at work and two ways it can impact your leadership at home or in your personal life. What was the most important thing you learned from the clip?

Change is good - you go first: 21 ways to inspire change

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Implementing Change

Implementing change in your professional and personal life is hard. The clip provides some excellent information on how to successfully approach change implementation with simple thoughts and quotes. Here is what I got from the clip (which concisely summarized many of the theories I learned in my graduate leadership program):

Impact on Leadership at Work:

1. The most important message was the first and main message of the clip: You have to convince your followers that change is good, needed, and being implemented for the right reasons. This is very hard to do, because change in any organization or group makes people unsure of their place in the future of the organization. Resistance to change can be strong and persistent. As a leader, you must be able to connect the follower to the need for change (all organizations must change to remain viable) and to help the individual see their place in the future organization and to be inspired by that future organization. So, as leaders we need to let our followers know ...

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This solution discusses the clip located at http://www.changeisgoodmovie.com. The solution discusses important messages in the clip and how leaders impact change and how followers feel about change.