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Criticism of Union

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Consider just one of the union's criticisms that accuses management of squandering funds. Is this any different than some of the white collar crime we read about? If you were consulting with a CEO of a national union or of a corporation, what advice would you give him or her to avoid the corruption of the past? Be specific with your advice.

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//The given discussion paper is based on the criticism of the Union. In this series, the way in which the union criticizes the management, are analyzed in the first section of the discussion paper.//

Criticism of Union

Unions Criticism

In the present scenario of business, the cases of management squandering are common. Union criticizes the management by evaluating their output for the organization as well as the employees. Management is responsible for lavishly wasting the resources of organization for their profit. It is not right, as the resources are the property of public also who expect for the appropriate output in turn of their investment in the organization. The behavior of management towards the utilization of resources is not ethical as they have some obligations with regard to the society.

Wasting resources in order to fulfill personal needs is against ...

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The response address the queries posted in 566 words with references.

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