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Troubleshooting, Avoiding Failure of the System

You are investigating how upper management can increase quality at your manufacturing plant, which has recently experienced severe problems that have been costly. What ethical issues might you incur as you write this report? Could any of these issues pose a problem with identifying all of the important facts of the matter

When the defect is noticed in the system itself the top Management must sit up and initiate steps to prevent its failure. The very first sign of trouble should be taken seriously and measures undertaken to find the root cause of it and remedy the situation rather than finding a cure when it has already taken place. Cure is always a stop gap step and never complete in the case of organizations .With the result malady continues to exist in the parent body of the organization.

The work force problem must be tackled immediately before it takes ugly shape of strike and legal cases. A satisfied and happy work force always pays off with interest. It is always better to keep reviewing the HR policies.

The report should be factual and ensure to give a real picture of the causes of the break in the system. It must not be prejudicial to one and praiseworthy to other. Nobody knowingly dose any harm to his provider of bread and butter.

Report should concentrate in projecting the findings of the investigative team in such a way that all concerned may be able understand it clearly and not only the top management.

In the course of investigation the investigating team must have come across the avenues where environmental pollution is taking place and can be eradicated.

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Any failure of system results in the disruption of production, increase in the cost of production, wastage of time and money. Higher cost of production forces the manufacturer to raise the price of the product. This will lead to losing of the customers. To minimize the cost the manufacturer will have to use cheap raw-material which will have direct impact on the image of the company and brand. The diagnosis will be identification of the cause which leads to disruption in the process. The matter will not rest with this but by taking further steps to ensure that there will not be any recurrence of this kind of failure in the system in future.

Severe Problem:

The severe problem giving a jolt to the company may be in the form of ready availability of the raw-material, machine break down, labor unrest, absence of innovation, research and development.

It is said that workforce is the best asset of ...

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System failure results in loss of production, waste of raw-material, man hour, affects brand image, profit and above all diversion of customers to competitors. Troubleshooting entails identifying the symptoms within a system at the earliest possible, as soon as it is indicated.

Help and co-operation of people directly involved should be availed ensuring that there is no recurrence of such a failure in future and the process moves smoothly. If the process moves with hic ups means the diagnosis has been wrong and as such the entire exercise, a waste of time, energy and funds.

"Avoiding an avoidable unnecessary cost is more profitable than increasing sales".