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JIT system

What are some advantages of JIT system
Do you consider it an inventory control or a production system?

Can you mention some of the benefits that the middle man adds to the distribution channel?
Can you provide an example of cases in which without the middle man we would not be able to have access to a product?

Can you give me some examples of direct marketing?
Could you clarify what you mean by the breakeven point idea?
Breakeven point is a concept widely used in finance which represents the point in which total costs equal total revenue, so the company does not have any loses but is not making any profits either.
How do you relate this concept to distribution and logistics?

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What are some advantages of JIT system
The advantage of JIT system is that it saves time and cost by reducing the handling requirement of material. In addition, there should be no need for on-site storage of materials as they arrive just when they are needed. further, when used in practice the factory response time decreases. In addition, the design flow process improves, total quality control improves and the lead time with vendors declines.
Do you consider it an inventory control or a production system?
JIT is a production system because even though the strategy is inventory based, the JIT method affects the production system through Kanban, change in production design flow, production schedule stabilization, TQM, improving product design and work with vendors.
Can you mention some ...

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