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Cost of Goods Sold - Average cost method inventory costing

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Bubba's Hardware Store sells sheets of sandpaper in bulk. On October 1st, Bubba had 4000 sheets of sandpaper at an average cost of $.25 each. The store also made the following purchase of sandpaper inventory during the month:

Date Units Purchased Cost per Unit Total Cost
10/3 8000 $0.24 $1,920
10/17 3000 $0.26 $780
10/21 6000 $0.28 $1,680
10/29 4000 $0.27 $1,080
Total 21000 - $5,460

If the store sold 23,000 sheets of sandpaper during October, which is cost of goods sold using the average cost method of inventory costing? Please describe your answer in detail.

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