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    Conversion costs

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    75. Rariton Company uses the weighted-average method in its process costing system. The Molding Department is the second department in its production process. The data below summarize the department's operations in January.
    Units complete
    Beginning work in process inventory 4,800 60%
    ransferred in from the prior
    department during January 78,000
    Completed and transferred to the next
    department during January 80,900
    Ending work in process inventory 1,900 40%

    The Molding Department's production report indicates that the cost per equivalent unit for conversion cost for January was $5.37. How much conversion cost was assigned to the ending work in process inventory in the Molding Department for January?
    A) $4,081.20
    B) $10,203.00
    C) $10,310.40
    D) $6,121.80

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    Answer: A) $4,081.20

    Physical units for ending ...

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