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    Private equity specialist

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    Please provide your thoughts on two out of these four questions and provide APA references:

    1. Some argue that the Anglo-American style of separating ownership and control is an inevitable outcome for large corporations. Others contend that this is one variant (among several) of how large corporations can be effectively governed and that it is not necessarily the most efficient form. What do you think?

    2. Recent corporate governance reforms in various countries urge (and often require) firms to add more outside directors to their boards and separate the jobs of board chairman and CEO. Yet, academic research has not been able to
    conclusively support the merits of both practices. Why?

    3. If you were a private equity specialist, what kind of target firms would you look for?

    4. If you were CEO of a publicly traded firm and were approached by a private equity firm, how would you proceed?

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    // A private equity specialist considers a number of facts for the purpose of investing the money in a particular firm. In this context, the following are the relevant points that are considered by a private equity investor for parking the funds. //

    The firms, which are preferred by the private equity investors, are the ones that would have a high growth rate over the next few years. The private equity specialists like to park the money in the firms that have a dynamic team and can get them high financial returns over a couple of years. If the firms have growth potential, then the stage at which they are functioning does not matter to ...

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