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Principles of Information Systems

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Lets say you work for a hospital and most of the tasks in your organization are performed manually. The organization has decided to develop an information system to automate the process in the organization. A business analyst has come to your office to ask you questions (since you were designated the go to IT person) about how you do your job, including the techniques that you use, and your thoughts about what information systems you think would be helpful in doing your job.

Prepare a list of the tasks that you perform. Be sure to include the following.

What kinds of information systems would you recommend? Why? Be sure to include all components of the information systems.

Explain how the new system will help your organization reduce the overall cost of healthcare.
How will the information system lead to profitability?

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Add your own information about the system you require and work you need to have put into an information system.

Office related word processing, accounting, and other "office" work. Answer phones, provide information to external and internal audiences. Prepare contracts, purchase orders, and take delivery of resources when delivered. Check off purchase order/delivery paperwork for issues and proper delivery, pricing, and validity of the delivery.

What kinds of information systems would you recommend? Why? Be sure to include all components of the information systems.

Database with information about clients, suppliers, and vendors. The database should also include employees and information about functions and ...

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The solution discusses the principles of information systems.

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