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    Setting up an International Business in Canada

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    Please help coming up with an outline for a group research paper on this topic:

    I'm thinking Canada or Hong Kong.

    Select a country (other than China or India) that your team wants to learn more about. Imagine that your company is a multinational enterprise that wishes to establish a subsidiary in your chosen country. Start by identifying what industry your company is in and what sort of product you plan to sell in your chosen country. Assume that your main motivation is to sell the product in your chosen country and not to just use it as a manufacturing base. Compile fundamental country data such as population, GDP, industry structure and so on. (The CIA World Factbook is one resource that could be useful in this regard but there are many others). Do additional research to flesh out the nature of the market opportunity offered by this country or its suitability for selling your product. Then describe the concrete steps you would take to establish your subsidiary and market your product.

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    In providing guidance for this posting, each area of the outline can be expanded upon by the group members in order to complete your assignment effectively.

    I. Country: Canada

    II. Product: Economy sports cars

    III. Country Data:

    Government: Federal Constitutional Monarchy (Parliamentary)

    Population: 38,834,841

    GDP: 1.518 Trillion

    Industry Structure: Canada's industry structure is based upon the utilization of high technology machinery and highly advanced production methodologies in order to collect vast natural resources such as minerals and forest products, and to export these products to major purchases such as the United States. In addition, this country has an industrial structure that is centered around the mass production of goods from its abundant natural resources, ...

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