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Multiverse Remix

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A few days ago you helped me with the challenges of Multiverse Remix. Are you interested in helping with the "Global Issues" as well? Again, these are small pieces of a huge project.

Please be sure to provide links to sources used.

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Multiverse Network, Inc. faces several global issues, the reason is that Multiverse gives its technology platform free of cost for development; however, it charges a 10 percent share of the revenues. Even when the developing form does not charge consumers, Multiverse does not get any revenue. Only when the developer begins charging consumers, Multiverse gets its share. Since Multiverse is required to market its technology platform, it faces several issues related to going global. First, it is relatively easy to use Multiverse Remix technology globally, for instance Coca Cola and McDonalds have been able to create good spin-off web games based on the themes of films. Further, there are existing channels that can be used for reaching end users globally. For instance, a game can be made for Facebook and this has a wide reach globally. Multiverse Remix can make games for a ...

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