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Hainsworth Innovation

1. Look over the companies and find one that can offer us the innovation and something that i am missing that would be great. I have all the financial stats and numbers to support my conclusion.
2. What would be the cost of moving to India just so we can talk about why we chose not to move the company.

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Hainsworth is an innovative company. One innovation is Repel+. This is a durable finish that provides additional protective properties to fabrics that protects against hazardous chemicals. The Hainsworth Titan fabric won the company Du Pont European Innovation Award in 2002.The Hainsworth Titan protective fabric was considered such an innovation that it was given Queen's Award for Enterprise Innovation.
Hainsworth has been known for innovation. When Prince Charles' married Diana in 1981 the uniform of naval commander was tailored from Hainsworth's cloth. Hainsworth's John Atkinson blankets are so innovative that Danish monarchy, Queen Margret has these on her beds. The innovation of ...

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