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    Global challenges Facing a US Heavy and Outsized Air Cargo Carrier

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    As a US heavy and outsized air cargo carrier, what are the three most important challenges facing this corporation in reference to current global affairs.

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    //The aviation industry is regarded to be a vast industry in the existing scenario. Before starting a paper like this it is imperative to provide a brief introduction in respect with the aviation industry. The industry offers the multiple benefits by serving to the expectations of the customers in a great way. In addition to this, the most important thing to discuss is to highlight the challenges posed by the industry.//

    The Aviation Industry of America plays a major role in the current scenario as the existing economy is fast-paced, worldwide and interrelated. The importance of aviation industry can be made out in the way that almost nine percent is contributed from this industry to the gross domestic product. The industry renders job opportunities to approximate eleven million people and this as a whole proves to a great factor for enhancing the US economy. The industry requires focus on the areas that can provide ample avenues to the industry. The industry is basically dependent on serving the customers with full honesty and hospitality (Zondag, 2006).

    The most significant challenges that are faced in the aviation industry are that the industry is confronted with the innumerable challenges such as, due to the violence attacks by the terrorists the industry is experiencing a great tremble in the way ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 876 words with references.