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    Accounting Firm Characteristics

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    The dynamics of the accounting profession have definitely evolved. In addition to the numerous changes relating to Sarbanes Oxley, the professional dynamic has also continued to change. Cathy Engelbert recently became the first female CEO of a big four accounting firm when recently elected as Deloitte's CEO. It is exciting to see so many changes. Englebert indicated that hiring and retaining talented staff is one of the key challenges of the profession at this time.

    What characteristics would you look for when considering employment with an accounting firm?

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    There are a few different characteristics I would look for, when considering employment with an accounting firm. Earnings potential is paramount in this area. If the firm is a publicly traded company, I would research their financial statements before considering employment and I would analyze their financial trends. I would not want to accept a position only to find myself ...

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    This solution discusses the characteristics that an applicant should look for, when considering an accounting firm for employment.