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Saving for a Retirement Plan

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A relative of yours is going to retire in 20 years. At that point, they will want to have enough savings to receive $40,000 per year for 25 years. If they can get a guaranteed interest rate of 7%, how much will they have to set aside each year to meet their goal?

Setting this problem up correctly is critical!

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Solution discusses the amount to be set aside each year to meet their goal

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Assume that you are planning on how much you need to save for retirement. You expect to live for 30 years in retirement and would like to spend $100,000 (in real terms) per year, while leaving a $1,000,000 bequest to the International Red Cross. You are 35 years away from retirement. How much do you need to save at the end of each year if you earn 5% real (i.e., after inflation) during your working years and 3% during your retirement years?

** Solve the problem in 2 different ways: by using a spreadsheet; by using the formulas for the present value of an annuity and for a loan payment.**

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