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    Enron hid debt in secret accounts - Johnson and Johnson

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    Enron hid debt in secret accounts. Johnson and Johnson removed all Tylenol from shelves when the integrity of the product was questioned. What business concept discussed in this course does this relate to?

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    Both acts relate to business ethics. Your professor chose two acts that are on the complete opposite ends of the business ethics scale. Let's look at the first one:

    Enron hid debt in secret accounts.

    Enron hid massive debt in secret accounts. In doing so, they deceived investors, the public, their creditors, their employees, and countless stakeholders. Enron forced people to believe that they were a profitable company. Only key personnel and executives knew what lurked under the surface - SPEs hiding millions of dollars in debt. People lost millions - people also lost their retirement savings they had worked for, for most of their careers, others lost their life savings that they had invested ...

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    The solution discusses what business concept discussed in this course does this relate to.