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Aligning Structure with Strategy at the Baer College

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Read "Aligning Structure with Strategy at the Baer College of Management" (pages 159 -163) and answer all case-related questions posed on page 159.

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What advice would you offer to Dean Morris on conducting the December 10 meeting with the faculty from the Organization Behavior Department?

From the case, it seems that the faculty feel they have no voice in the decision making process. The advice would be to take what she had learned from her previous meetings with Dean Gilbey and instead of leading the meeting, facilitate discussion and creative thinking and input from all the faculty members. These faculty members have been a part of the college for many years and most assuredly have ideas. The meeting should be held in a "round robin" fashion. This means that Joyce Morris would need to define the mission in terms of what it means to the college, as the college chairs if they believe the mission is being fulfilled and if not, what we can do to ensure we are "practicing what we ...

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This is a cases analysis of the Aligning Structure with Strategy at the Baer College of Management"

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