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Google: Initial Public Offering

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Task: Select an Initial Public Offering (or a Secondary Offering) completed in the last 10 years in U.S. capital markets, and discuss and analyze this IPO.
Discuss the following about the company:
1. Public company name and its industry.
2. Discuss important financial and other facts about the company from its SEC filings.
3. How successful was the IPO in raising capital?
4. What has happened to the company since the IPO?
5. What is the trend in the stock price of the company since the IPO?

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This posting gives you a step-by-step explanation of an Initial Public Offering. The response also contains the sources used.

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Step 1:
The name of the public company is Google Inc. it is a US company that provides internet based products such as internet search, software, advertising technology, cloud computing, and other internet services. The main source of revenues for Google Inc is an advertising product AdWords. AdWords gives pay per click services, and site targeted advertising for text, banner, and rich media advertising.

Step 2:
Google is entering a hardware industry in a big way. It makes Nexus devices. Currently, it has purchased Motorola Mobility. It has also built fiber-optic infrastructure in Kansas City as a part of Google Fiber broadband services project. Google has also recently acquired Qickoffice, a firm that makes mobile productivity suit for iOS and Android. The company was ranked first on the Fortune magazine's best company to work for list in 2007, ...

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