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Procurement in a Telecom Setting

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Why the procurement portion of the telecom project is going to be sourced out (or buy)?
What is the pros and cons of making (or keeping within the project team to do) versus sourcing out?
What is a financial and schedule deadline justification?

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Outsourcing telecom provides the following benefits:
1. Financial savings - There are no expenses with regards to space, equipment and its maintenance costs; no need to spend time and costs on hiring and training staff only to leave for another company in the future; no need to worry on the expensive costs of maintaining a trained staff to manage tasks like wireless, data and voice. The right outsourcing strategy can give the company the most benefits in terms of cost-cutting as partnering with the right outsourcing company can help determine the tasks that can best be done in-house and those that can be outsourced.
2. Liberate staff and resources - There will always be additional tasks to be done and if these tasks are to be outsourced rather than given to the staff. The staff can use their time and dedicate more efforts on mastering their own skills thereby adding more value to their work. In a telecom business, there will be auditing jobs like processing invoices, negotiating ...

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