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    Context of sociotechnical systems on today's open systems

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    Please help me outline and draft a 1500 word document describing and depicting how the sociotechnical systems fit into today's open system. Please provide references.

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    Socio-Technical System

    The term sociotechnical system is the combination of two terms; socio that refers to the people and society and another is technical that refers to machines and technology. The combination of socio and technical gives us a term 'sociotechnical' that refers to the all one word. Sociotechnical concerns to the interrelationship among 'social' and 'technical' aspects (Walker, Stanton, Salmon & Jenkins, 2007). This science of Socio-technical systems (STS) has sprung up in response to the troubles of empathizing composite technical systems that are imbedded in a human world.
    This socio-technical system view endeavours to comprehend the contribution of developments at the human social level to the execution of technical systems. Socio-technical systems analytic thinking has rendered organizations with an influential framework with which these can scrutinize the grounds behind the poor acceptableness, intake and presentation of numerous information and communication technology intrusions (Coiera, 2006). The present framework for socio-technical systems (STS) may be retraced to the innovation action-science analyses that were carried out by Fred Emery and Eric Trist. Their world-shattering tries out first took place in Great Britain in the year 1949 in a South Yorkshire coal mine.
    Sociotechnical systems undertake the constructs and metaphors of all-purpose systems theory, in particular the opinion of 'open systems', as a manner of depicting, examining and contriving systems with articulate improvement in mind, especially those that incarnate some level of non-linearity within themselves as well as the surroundings they live in. Primarily a socio-technical system is a tool that can assist businesses in predicting and successfully resolving their interdisciplinary business troubles (Frey, 2009). "Interdisciplinary business troubles" pertain to troubles in which company's financial values are interlaced with technical, ethical, social, political and cultural values.
    Socio-Technical Systems are primary and leading systems. The components of these systems are interconnected with each other and interact with each other so that a transform in one constituent can often gives rise to modifications in the other constituents and in the system as a whole. Giving rise to high-quality changes and precluding bad ones necessitates correcting the unlike elements in relation to one another to exert or fortify key values engrafted in the system.
    STS have diverse constituents which communicate with one another, which are business projects or procedures, physical milieu, stakeholders, operations, laws and ordinances, financial and market schemes, information systems and environmental systems (Frey, 2009). The first constituent of a STS analysis is to distinguish these components and further depict them so as to admit what builds each system particular and ...

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