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    Sherman Tank, Sniper, Exploder and the Complainer

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    Can you give me some information about Sherman Tank, Sniper, Exploder; and the complainer? I need to do a brief scenario on each.

    Description: Design a series/composite of behavior profiles depicting difficult or problem communication Address the following:

    1. Identify the conflict behavior(s).
    2. Describe specific techniques most useful in reducing or overcoming that specific problem behavior

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    The Sherman tank describes a behavior profile and/or individual that seeks to dominate situations without allowing other individuals the opportunity to be heard and or acknowledged. This individual test to conflict with others due to the fact that they seem to think that there is only one right way to do things, and their way is the right way, and all other opinions are a significant and or ludicrous. This conflict behavior also includes exuding a great deal of arrogance in respect to thinking that they are superior to others and or their ideas are superior to others, without even taking the time to listen to and analyze the perspectives of others. This leads to a situation where the conflict be haven year includes frequent verbal clashes with others, demonstrating irritation while listening to the opinions of others, exhibiting rudeness such as interrupting others why they are speaking, ignoring ...

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    This solution describes differing behavioral profiles, and how to effectively deal with destructive behavior patterns at the workplace.