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Industrial and Organizational Psychology

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Describe the scientist-practitioner model for I/O psychologists advocated by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP).

Why do you think the scientist-practitioner model is useful in I/O psychology?

How might a model, in which scientists and practitioners are distinct, be problematic?

How is the scientist-practitioner model demonstrated throughout the history of I/O psychology?

What is the value of I/O psychologists to organizations and workers?

Describe at least two key ethical issues faced by I/O psychologists.

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The solution provides information, insight and advise on the topic of Industrial Organization as it applies to psychological, organizational, ethical and other related issues (see above for list of questions).

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Description of the scientist-practitioner model for I/O psychologists

Psychology is the scientific study of how individual in the society think and behave. With this basis, industrial and organizational psychology also known as I/O psychology is the application of psychology in the work environment. This is, in other words, the scientific study of the work environment to assess how the employee think and behave.

The SIOP advocated the scientific model to be applied in psychology in all manner of organization and work place setting. This work setting could be in the manufacturing sector, commercial sector, enterprises, labor unions, and even the public agencies. In the Industrial Organization psychology, the members can work in several fields that include; work place safety, team compensation, management, leadership development and work life balance (Industrial and, 2011).

As the society recommends the I/O psychologists are supposed to engage in professional activities that have been demonstrated by the research, teaching and the practices that are relating to the purpose of the society. This model states that a psychologist is a scientist who is a competent researcher, practitioner who has the ability to apply knowledge and techniques as they solve problems with their clients. The I/O psychologists are to adhere to these scientific principles in their daily practice.

The scientist-practitioner model is also known by the term Boulder model. This is a training model that is applied in graduate programs which focus on creating a research and scientific practice foundation. The mission of I/O psychology is to promote effective work behavior (The Scientists, n.d).

Why the model is useful in I/O psychology

Industrial and organizational psychology is a scientific study of the employees, workplaces and the organization. The I/O psychologists always study and help the organization to implement the ...

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