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Dividends Analysis, Cash Flows, and Income Statements

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I just finished working with my team and we decided to invest in dividends in Q8. (We haven't done it before as per the prof.'s advice).
Using the 34% as payout takes $15,665,265 of our cash. Although we projected good figures for our net income and cash balance in Q8, I think it's too much money. Attached please find the financial statements for Q8 and help me to decide which rate to use.
Thank you.

NI: $46,149,650
Total shares: 67,815
Payout: 34%
Dividends: $15,665,265
Dividend per share: 231.

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The dividend activity will flow onto the Statement of Cash Flows, so we'll want to keep a cash balance that satisfies investors and shows that the company will remain viable. A dividend ...

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