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Policy Implementation (PH 5 DB)

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For a code of conduct to be successful, it must be properly implemented with the appropriate support provided by management. You have worked with the UWEAR and PALEDENIM management teams to develop code of conduct policies on the issues that you observed during your work with them. Answer the following:
-How will you define management's role in the implementation of the code of conduct?
-What do you feel is a successful communication plan for this project?
-How will you educate employees on the code of conduct?
-How will you assess compliance?
-What are your recommendations for dealing with change management?

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How will you define management's role in the implementation of the code of conduct?

-The first role of management is to understand the code of conduct itself and to have buy in from management in general. Without buy in, the rest of the implementation will not be successful.
-Managers are often the people employees look to for validation, verification, and guidelines of how to operate. It is vital that management play a large role in the implementation of the code of conduct as well as in any future enhancements and developments of the code.
-Managers must also evaluate their roles within the code of conduct and see where they can provide value and make a difference. Their roles may be the role model to the staff, the system builder so the code is part of the daily agenda for the employees, a provider of learning and development activities related to the code and/or a champion of the code itself (UNHR, 2004).
-Finally managers need to play a role in the communication of the code of conduct to employees.

What do you feel is a successful communication plan for this project?
-Successful communication plans be face to face meetings/trainings, virtual ...

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