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    Decision Marking Employee Performance Review

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    You are the Director of Human Resources for the internet matchmaking company, "People, people who need people.com". In recent months, your company has been sued by three employees who were laid off based on information in their performance appraisals. These employees have alleged that their performance appraisals did not accurately reflect their work and were based on inaccurate interpretations of work performance by the managers who prepared the appraisals. One employee has won her case and two others are currently pending in court.

    You have done some preliminary analysis and have discovered the problems lie not in your administrative processes, but in how your managers rate and measure their employee's performance. Before you can take any corrective actions (training, etc.), it will be important for you to identify specific problems and come up with solutions that will help prevent those problems from reoccurring.

    For this project you need to use your textbook, the full-text database in the Libray, and/or other internet resources and prepare a research paper that incorporates the following:

    Identify and describe at least 4-6 problems that occur when managers complete performance reviews. Since the focus of our class is on decision making, focus on problems that relate to decision issues in your findings.

    Provide specific suggestions for each of the problems you identified so that supervisors can eliminate or reduce each of the problems identified. Try to avoid "general" recommendations as they rarely cover or help correct all the problems you will identify.

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    Decision-making when dealing with employee performances is not an easy task. It is the norm to expect management or supervisors to have the necessary tools or training to ensure all employees receive a fair evaluation but this rarely occurs. In turn, we often see over inflated or under-rated reviews that leave many employees discontent with the outcome. Equally so, we often notice that leadership seldom has the time to truly evaluate their employees simply due to the busy and hectic op-tempo within the organization. To eliminate this process from occurring, it is necessary to initiate a decision-making system that ensures everyone is receiving their just review while leadership maintains and follows the guidelines of a proper performance evaluation session. In this paper are four main problems that occur when managers complete a performance review and following are recommended steps offered to mitigate or remedy these problems.

    Lack of Preparation

    Often times when performance evaluations are due, they lack the value necessary so the employee gets a fair assessment and review. The information sometimes is not relevant to the job performance of the individual employee and other times may not target the actual efforts of the individual employee

    Remedy: A viable solution for this problem is to work in advance with the supervisor prior to the initiation of the review process. Make an appointment to speak with the supervisor so one can ask all the relevant yet necessary questions that will influence the evaluation issued. Decide ...

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