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    External forces affect on organizational behavior

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    Analyze how internal and external forces impact organizational behavior in each organization. Examples of internal and external forces which you may include in your paper are:

    a. Restructuring (I have done this one)
    b. Organizational mission (I have done this one)
    c. Fiscal policies (I have done this one)
    d. Competition ( HELP WITH THIS ONE)
    e. Economy ( HELP WITH THIS ONE)
    f. Customer demands ( HELP WITH THIS ONE)
    g. Globalization ( HELP WITH THIS ONE)

    I only need help with section D, E, F and G but only 125-150 words each, I'm still doing Doctor of Conflict Resolution and Analysis. I have done A, B, & C, then I can finish the intro, conclusion, and the powerpoint.

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    You decided globalization was difficult? ;>) Okay, competition, economy, customer demands, globalization, all external forces that impact a company and how it does business and works with innovation.

    Competition is the force that affects business by making it keep abreast of what is happening and meet not only its own goals, but the goals of other entities. Competition is the company that produces like products or services or alternatives. A company must decide what is competition in their markets. For example, a party planner may decide that other party planners are their competition, but so are restaurants, grocery stores, party stores, discount and regular shopping store (walmart, kmart, target) and places with entertainment like movies, miniature golf, arcades. All these place provide competition for the dollars of the customer who is looking for a way to entertain. There are many more just in this category, all the same and yet all offering different ...

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    A discussion on how some external forces, economy, customer demand, globalization, and competition affect an organization's behavior.