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Challenges that lie ahead for security professionals

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What challenges lie ahead for the security professional and can security personnel disregard globalization? What legislative trends do you believe are in our future?

Ortmeier, P. J., (2009), Introduction to Security: Operations and Management, (3rd Ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson and please just let me know what area of pages we used...Thanks! Also, if you find these from another source(s) just please make sure the reference is in APA Style Citations.


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This solution discusses challenges that are in the future for security professionals and whether security personnel can disregard globalization. It also predicts legislative trends for the future.

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Workplace Security

Challenges that lie ahead for the security professional:

There is an expansion of the security professional's portfolio to include crisis management and business continuity. Security holds a large enough body of knowledge to warrant a specific application of risk management. The distinction between the non-security nature and security related catastrophic risks are becoming increasingly blurred. There is also an increasing complexity of the relatively young profession of security which continues to keep step with an increasingly interdependent and complex world (Corkill, Brooks & Griffiths, 2010).

If security guard can disregard globalization:

Security personnel cannot disregard globalization because global ...

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