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Consumer Rituals and Behavior

Discussion Question #1: Rituals are an important part of consumer behavior. What are the benefits to marketers using holiday rituals to promote products? What are the hazards?

Discussion Question #2: How has the increase in globalization affected consumer behavior?

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1 - Rituals are definitely an extensive part of consumer behavior, and marketers have preyed upon this fact for decades. We have holiday rituals surrounding Halloween, Christmas, New Years, and other holidays. During these holidays, family dinners are traditionally served. Marketers use this to their advantage and begin advertising the traditional dinner scenes around late fall, enticing consumers to buy certain goods or services in order to prepare their homes for these traditional feasts.

Another common example is New Year's Day. This is the day that a high percentage of people make ...

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This solution discusses the benefits to marketers that use holiday rituals to promote products. The hazards are also specifically addressed. This solution also discusses how the increase in globalization has affected customer behavior.