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Divorce and forensic accountants

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It is estimated that more than 60% of all marriages end in divorce. Forensic accountants are hired in divorce cases to value marital assets, calculate and testify to the reasonableness of alimony or support payments, determine cash flow from business operations, and search for hidden assets. Divorce often brings out the worst in people. Spouses will attempt to hide assets or income from the other spouse in order to keep 100% of the hidden assets or income. Forensic accountants are hired by family law attorneys to review financial transactions in the period leading up to the divorce to search for converted assets, hidden assets, fictitious loans, preferred payments to relatives, deferred income, unreported income, and skimming from business income. Based on what you know what would interest you in pursuing this type of practice?

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I have actually worked in the legal field for approximately 15 years. In those fifteen years, I have seen many divorces, much of those contested divorces (divorces wherein the parties cannot come to an agreement). In those contested divorces, I have seen many instances where the parties have a number of assets, many of those assets are not volunteered up front. In so many instances discovery has to be issued to force the other party to disclose of these assets. Even ...

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