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Spot exchange rates

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Canada-dollar Spot .8437
30-day .8417
90-day .8395

Japan-yen Spot .004684
30-day .004717
90-day .004781

Switzerland-franc Spot .5139
30-day .5169
90-day .5315

(Spot exchange rates) An American business needs to pay (a) 10,000 Canadian dollars, (b) 2 million yen, and (c) 50,000 Swiss francs to businesses abroad. What are the dollar payments to the respective countries?

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The solution calculates the Value of foreign currency in terms of U.S. dollars.

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Canada - dollar (CAD)
Spot 0.8437
30 day 0.8417
90 day 0.8395

Japan - yen (JPY)
Spot 0.004684
30 day 0.004717
90 day 0.004781

Switzerland - franc (CHF)
Spot 0.5139
30 ...

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