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    The following table shows interest rates and exchange rates

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    The following table shows interest rates and exchange rates for the U.S. dollar and the Philippine peso in 2007. The spot exchange rate is 47.46 pesos=$1. Complete the missing entries:

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    1 month 3 months 1 year
    dollar interest rate (annually compounded) 5.3 5.3 0.058

    Peso interest rate (annually compounded) 4.15 2.424 4.95

    Forward pesos per dollar 47.255 47.437 47.482

    Forward premium on peso (% per year) 5.21 0.19 -0.046333347

    Spot rate Peso/USD 47.46 peso/usd

    Example calculation of forward pesos per dollar:
    If the spot price for USD/PES = 47.46, then this means that 1 USD = 47.46 PESO.
    The ...

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