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Multinational Auto Industry and FDI

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Question: When it comes to the multinational auto industry, why do they choose FDI? Is it because they can obtain quality control and greater control over that market?

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They select foreign direct investment for multiple reasons. First of all, they can establish a strategic base in the foreign market or region to exploit growth opportunities. Establishment of a manufacturing facility in the ...

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FDI in the Philippine context

Assignment of Journal Critique, due date is on Wednesday 6th April.

Please prepare a Critique Write Up of two pages long or 800 words with references on the subject matter.

The paper should also include information on the following:
1. Evaluate and Analyse the findings of the authors in regards to FDI in the Philippine context.
2. Support your argument with evidence from the study and other real examples where possible.
3. Recommendations for the future
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