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Vi-Gro Corporation Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Retained Earnings

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Presented below is financial information related to Vi-Gro Corporation for the year 2002. Unless otherwise stated, all balances are ending balances.

Accounts payable $ 874,200
Accounts receivable 1,000,800
Accumulated depreciation- Equipment 1,560.000
Administrative expenses 420,000
Bonds payable 3,400,000
Cash 125,000
Common stock 2,200,000
Cost of goods sold 2,285,000
Dividends 290,000
Equipment 5,894,000
Gain on the sale of land 87,000
Interest expense 108,000
Interest revenue 94,000
Inventories 984,000
Marketable securities (short-term) 1,175,000
Net sales 3,670,000
Notes payable (short-term) 1,136,500
Other long-term debt 401,300
Patents and other intangibles 1,250,100
Prepaid expenses 356,100
Retained earnings (January 1, 2002) 833,000
Selling expenses 368,000

Vi-Gro Corporation had 88,000 shares of common stock outstanding for the entire year. Its effective income tax rate for state and federal income taxes combined is 35 percent.

a. Prepare a multiple -step income statement.
b. Prepare a single-step income statement
c. Prepare a retained earnings statement.
d. Prepare a classified balance sheet.
e. Compute the following balance sheet relationships:

1. current ratio.
2. the amount of working capital
3. debt to total assets ratio.

What insights do these relationships provide to the reader of the financial statements?

f. Compute three measures of profitability. What insights do these relationships provide to the reader of the financial statements?


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