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Statement of cash flows

Financial Statement: SCF

Preparing an SCF is an important step in budget development because it helps managers to forecast the future budget on basis of operating, investing, and financing activities. Use the information given in the table below to prepare an SCF for The Green Restaurant for the current year. When preparing the SCF Be sure to determine whether the amounts are a source or uses of cash; and the appropriate section of the SCF the amount belongs to either: operating, investing, or financing.

Net Income $116,300
Depreciation $15,000
Decrease in Accounts Receivables $10,000
Increase in Inventory $3,000
Decrease in Accounts Payable $16,500
Purchased Equipment $35,000
Payment of Long-Term Debt $25,000
Purchase of Investments $60,000

Download the Cash Flow, to compute and save your SCF

This has to be done on the excel sheet.

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