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Investment Policy Statements

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Develop an investment policy statement for managing an international bond portfolio. Keep in mind the risk/return objectives, constraints, legal/regulatory requirements, and performance evaluation benchmarks.

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This is an example of a statement. You will want to go over it carefully, adjust to your considerations, and add to it. Make sure you make strategic choices for the bond portfolio mix is needed. I used a model found at the website below and modified it to meet the needs. You can add to the IP statement using this site as well, just make sure you cite it in any reference areas.

Executive Summary
Client Name: X company
Client Type: Corporate
Client Subtype: Taxable Portfolio
Type of Policy:Corporate
State of Domicile: XXXXX
Tax Id: 00-0000000
Current Assets: $1,450,000
Modeled Return: 7.5%
1-Yr Loss Limit (Worst case scenario): -3.2%

"This Investment Policy Statement should be reviewed by an attorney knowledgeable in this specific area of the law. Any change to this policy should be communicated in writing and on a timely basis to all interested parties. If any term or condition of this Investment Policy Statement conflicts with any trust and/or plan document, the document shall control, as long as such term or condition is consistent with the law." (http://www.fi360.com/fa/help/Report_Samples/IPS_Individual.pdf)

The purpose of this Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is to assist the Client in effectively supervising,
monitoring and evaluating the Client's investment Portfolio (Portfolio). The client's investment program is defined in the various sections of this IPS by:

1. Stating, in a written document, the Client's attitudes, expectations, objectives and guidelines for the investment of the Client's applicable assets.
2. Encouraging effective communications between the Client and all parties involved with the investment management decisions. This is a primary goal.
3. Establishing formal criteria to select, monitor, evaluate and compare the performance results ...

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The solution discusses the investment policy statements.

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