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Financial Statement Restatement

Locate an article from a financial periodical (i.e. CFO, Journal of Accountancy, etc.) from the past 2 years about a company that restated its financial statements due to an error in accounting principal.


(a) The restatement of the company
(b) The accounting principals involved
(c) The effect of errors and changes on financial statements
(d) The affect to the stockholders

Include at least three different sources including the source of the financial periodical used.

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Reinstatement of Financial Statement

Company: A.H. Belo Corporation

Period: Quarter Ending December 31, 2009
Year Ending December 31, 2009

For the results of its operations for the quarter ending December 31, 2009 and year ending December 31, 2009, A.H. Belo Corporation reported a net income of 5.6 million US dollars and a net loss of 107.9 million US dollars, respectively. These results include a restatement in connection to the company's correction of an error in the accounting principle it originally used to account got its obligations to reimburse its parent company, Belo Corp., for 60 per cent of the firm's contributions to The G. B. Dealey Retirement Pension Plan (Investment Weekly News, 2010, p. 346). This reimbursement is covered in the employee matters agreement entered into conjunction with the spin-off of A.H. Belo from Belo Corp. ...

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