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Financial Statement Analysis - S&M Manufacturing Exercise

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The attached MS Excel spreadsheet contains an analysis of the financial data of S&M Manufacturing. Please view the attachment and answer the following questions:

a. How much cash and near cash does S&M have at year-end 2012?
b. What was the original cost of all of the firm's real property that is currently owned?
c. How much in total liabilities did the firm have at year-end 2012?
d. How much did S&M owe for credit purchases at year-end 2012?
e. How much did the firm sell during 2012?
f. How much equity did the common stockholders have in the firm at year-end 2012?
g. What is the cumulative total of earnings reinvested in the firm from its inception through the end of 2012?
h. How much operating profit did the firm earn during 2012?
i. What is the total amount of dividends paid out by the firm during the year 2012?
j. How many shares of common stock did S&M have outstanding at year-end 2012?

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The expert examines financial statement analysis for S&M manufacturing exercise.

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