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GASB and Fund Financial Statements

Using the CAFR of Cook County, IL, create a presentation, the content of which includes explaining the process by which fund financial statements are converted to government-wide financial statements.

Just to review, can someone please briefly and concisely state the difference between fund financial statements and government wide financial statements?

What GASB statement requires government wide statements and why? This answer should include a comment on the measurement focus and basis of accounting used.
Please copy and paste the link to find the CAFR I used to write my papers

Link: http://legacy.cookcountygov.com/bof4/CAFR07/cc_2007CAFR.pdf

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The difference between fund financial statements and government-wide financial statements:

Government and non-profit organizations do not have profiteering as a major goal, so they use a system of accounting called fund accounting. Fund accounting categorizes financial data into funds or accounts that are similar to one another. For example, money for building something might go into a construction account. Fund accounting allows the organization to easily see what resources are available to it to complete a specific activity, like building a school for instance.

Source: http://www.investopedia.com/articles/basics/07/government_nonprofit_statements.asp#ixzz1biJqbylz

Governments have to present financial ...

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Explains which GASB statements require government-wide statements. Discusses the difference between fund financial statements and government-wide statements.