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    Ratios, Cash flows analysis and comparison (McDonald's)

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    Analyze McDonalds. Explain your interest in this firm.
    Study the profits and cash flow and compare to a competitor (Wendys).
    Include the following:

    Return on assets
    Profit margin
    Asset utilization rate
    Free cash flow

    Assess your company's relative cash position and financial position and comment on its receipt and use of cash during the year.

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    I selected McDonald's and their closest competitor, Wendys. I used these links:
    I am interested in McDonalds because I am familiar with the product, they have been trying to update themselves and I am curious about that aspect, and I wonder how they are doing with the economic downturn. I would like to learn whether fast food firm tend to perform about the same or do ...

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    Your ratios and analysis are in excel. Your commentary to get you started on your draft is 393 words and discusses both profits and cash flows.