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Ratio, Interval, Ordinal, and Nominative Scales

Suppose you work for a bank. The vice president of marketing has assigned you to gather data for use in a competitive analysis of the bank's customer service. She asks you to compare the customer service in your bank's branches with that of the other three major banks in the city.

- What data would you want to gather, and why?
- Of this data, what is quantitative and what is qualitative?
- Provide examples of items on ratio, interval, ordinal, and nominative scales.

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The data that you need to gather are:
1. Name of respondent:
(Though this is optional, it is necessary to have the name of the respondents to identify whether they are really clients of the bank.)
Type of Data: Nominative or nominal
2. Age
(This is useful especially in identifying which age level group are regular clients of the bank.)
Type of Data: Ratio
3. Sex
(Sex as a variable is necessary in identifying which of the two groups of respondents comprise the majority of the clients. Furthermore, gender advocates and government policies require gender disaggregated data.)
Type of Data: Nominative or nominal
4. How many times in a month are you visiting your bank?
(This needed in quantifying the number of clients in a particular period.)
Type of Data: Ratio
5. How satisfied are you with bank's handling of new ...

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The solution identifies the probable questions that needs to be asked when doing a competitive analysis of your bank and the other three major banks in a city. Each variable is identified by data types -- ratio, interval, ordinal, or nominal.