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Ratio Analysis McDonalds and Burger King years 2010 & 2011

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Ratio Analysis portion of the case study report and submit it as an attachment here. Note that your Ratio Analysis should include ratios for the years 2010 and 2011 and should include comparisons between McDonalds and Burger King.

Organize your ratio analysis per the following outline:

1. Liquidity
-Current ratio
-Quick ratio
-Comments on liquidity

2. Asset management
-Total Asset turnover
-Average collection period (ACP)
-Comments on asset management

3. Debt management
-Debt ratio
-Times interest earned
-Comments on debt management

4. Profitability
-Net profit margin
-Return on Assets (ROA)
-Return on Equity (ROE)
-Extended Du Pont equation
-Comments on profitability to include your comments on the sources of ROE revealed by the Du Pont equation

5. Market value ratios
-PE ratio
-Market to book ratio
-Comments on the market value ratios

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Solution Summary

Your ratios and comments on the ratios are attached. Burger King was tough because it no longer has market price quotes (I couldn't find them) or report EPS.

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Asset Turnover for McDonald's vs the industry; collection

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Some may find this problem a bit vague. It really takes a bit of research to determine Cost of Goods Sold then divide by Average Inventory for the Period. The information should be able to be determined through a combination of the McDonald's 10K report and utilizing yahoo finance. The answer isn't cut and dry. I've attached the 10K report. Clearly where the numbers where found in order to arrive at the answer. The true complexity of this problem lies in being able to read the report and make a conclusion.

Given the attached 10K report from the McDonald's web site and yahoo finance or other finance site determine Total asset Turnover for the Company and the industry as well as the collection period. Comment on what this means for McDonald's.

FY 2009 FY 2010
Total Asset Turnover:

Company ____ ____
Industry Avg ____ ____

Average Collection Period:

Company ____ ____
Industry Avg ____ ____


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