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Can you use Dell 2000 as the company?

Obtain an annual report and discuss information sources. If your library has a common stock investment advisory service such as Moody?s Handbook of Common Stocks, Standard and Poor?s Corporation Stock Market Encyclopedia, or Value Line Reports, find in one of these sources the report about a company you have heard about or in which you have an interest. or Alternatively, visit a brokerage firm office and ask for a report from one of the above sources, or a report pre?pared by the brokerage firm?s research division.

1) Review the report and notice the analytical data that it contains.
2) What other data besides those in the report would you like to obtain?
3) Why do you want these other data? How would you get them?

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Glad to try to help you with this excellent business assignment.
<br>I'd approach this assignment this way:
<br>First, I'd do an analysis of key financial ratios at the corporate level only. In this case, the corporation is the Dell Computer Corporation.
<br>Then, I'd get current reported financial results for Dell. You ...

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