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    Evaluation based on return on investment

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    1. Betsy Union is the Pika Division manager and her performance is evaluated by executive management based on Division ROI. The current controllable margin for Pika Division is $46,000. Its current operating assets total $210,000. The division is considering purchasing equipment for $40,000 that will increase sales by an estimated $10,000, with annual depreciation of $10,000. If the equipment is purchased, what will happen to the return on investment for the division?

    2. A department has budgeted monthly manufacturing overhead cost of $540,000 plus $3 per direct labor hour. If a flexible budget report reflects $1,044,000 for total budgeted manufacturing cost for the month, the actual level of activity achieved during the month was....

    3. Tuttle Motorcycles Inc. manufactures and sells high-priced motorcycles. The Engine Division produces and sells engines to other motorcycle companies and internally to the Production Division. It has been decided that the Engine Division will sell 20,000 units to the Production Division at $1,050 a unit. The Engine Division, currently operating at capacity, has a unit sales price of $2,550 and unit variable costs and fixed costs of $1,050 and $750, respectively. The Production Division is currently paying $2,400 per unit to an outside supplier. $90 per unit can be saved on internal sales from reduced selling expenses. What is the minimum transfer price that the Engine Division should accept?

    4. The Can Division of Fruit Products Inc. manufactures and sells tin cans externally for $0.60 per can. Its unit variable costs and unit fixed costs are $0.24 and $0.08, respectively. The Packaging Division wants to purchase 50,000 cans at $0.32 a can. Selling internally will save $0.02 a can. Assuming the Can Division is already operating at full capacity, what is the minimum transfer price it should accept?

    5. Woolford's CVP income statement included sales of 4,000 units, a selling price of $50, variable expenses of $30 per unit, and net income of $25,000. Fixed expenses are

    6. Roosevelt Corporation has a weighted-average unit contribution margin of $40 for its two products, Standard and Supreme. Expected sales for Roosevelt are 40,000 Standard and 60,000 Supreme. Fixed expenses are $1,800,000. At the expected sales level, Roosevelt's net income will be

    7. A company requires $1,360,000 in sales to meet its net income target. Its contribution margin is 30%, and fixed costs are $240,000. What is the target net income?

    8. Variable costs for Abbey, Inc. are 25% of sales. Its selling price is $80 per unit. If Abbey sells one unit more than break-even units, how much will profit increase?

    9. Cunningham, Inc. sells MP3 players for $60 each. Variable costs are $40 per unit, and fixed costs total $90,000. How many MP3 players must Cunningham sell to earn net income of $210,000?

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    1. Construct a Gantt chart for the following set of activities and indicate the project completion time:
    Activity Activity Predecessor Time (Weeks)
    1 5
    2 4
    3 1 3
    4 2 6

    Project duration = 10 weeks 
    3. Construct a Gantt chart and project network for the following set of activities, ...

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