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Calculation and Microsoft Excel Charts of Financial Ratios

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Consider the attached LuluLemon Case Study and Compute the following ratios:

a. Profitability Ratios
-Gross profit margin
-Operating profit margin
-Net profit margin
-Return on total Assets
-Return on stockholder's equity
b. Liquidity Ratios
-Current ratio
-Working capital
c. Leverage Ratios
-Debt to assets
-Long-term debt to capital
d. Activity Ratios
-Inventory turnover
-Average collection period
e. Internal cash flow
NOTE: Compute sample ratios for all of the years presented in the sample case, in order to assess how strong is the firm financially. Use the ratio calculations on pages C-61-C-62. Use Excel in Microsoft Office to create tables and figures to present your ratio analysis, along with graphs (figures) to track trends in the financial performance of the organization.

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Calculate the certain profitability ratios, liquidity ratios, activity ratios and leverage ratios. After which, the calculated 10 financial ratios are represented graphically in Microsoft Excel.

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