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    Tesca's Net Present Value

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    1) Please read the attached case and help answer the 8 questions.

    2) Please help with this by providing:
    A report broken down into the following sections:

    - Summary results and recommendations—up front, concise, and to the point.
    - Answers to the 8 questions asked—a minimum of a page to each, with individual headings
    - Attached exhibits which are readable and understandable)
    - Spreadsheet showing your derivation of
    o Operating Cash Flows
    o Incremental Cash Flows, including investment and salvage
    o Warranty costs
    o WACC
    o NPV, IRR, Profitability Index, and Payback Period
    o Scenario and Sensitivity
    o Any other supporting exhibits you feel are relevant

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    The solution attached a word report and 2 excel spreadsheets of calculations as required to profile the Tesca Company as specified in the question.