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Web-Invoice Payments Financial Controls for Collection

Provide WIP financial controls for collection, disbursement and approval of funds process in writing to be used as a standard operating procedure / showing clear line of accountability.

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Web Invoice Payments

WIP is a web application that allows those using it to enter and authorize payment of invoices.

Roles and responsibilities:

The accounts payable personnel are responsible for overseeing the disbursement process in order to ensure that disbursements made are authorized. They are also responsible for ensuring that reports relating to the disbursements are made and for promoting efficiency in the disbursement process. Invoices should be processed in line with payment provisions made in the process of negotiating the purchase.

The procurement office on the other hand is charged with the responsibility of carrying out quality reviews to determine efficiency and effectiveness in the payment process. The office is also responsible for reviewing the human capital to determine whether available workforce meets payment transactions requirements. The procurement office should confirm whether allowable and unallowable costs are in line with relevant coding regulations. The office is also responsible for individual transactions to ...

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This solution discusses the roles and responsibilities, payment process, collection, authorization, and controls for the web application that allows people to enter and authorize payments of invoices in 636 words.