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    Ratio Calculations

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    I have attached two documents the informational sheets that are supposed to help in answering these questions.

    Acute Care Hospitals,

    Current ratio 2.07
    Inventory turnover 50.35
    Total asset turnover 1.01
    Days in accounts receivable (collection period) 74.26
    Debt financing percentage 43.66
    Long-term debt to equity (percent) 31.16
    Times interest earned 2.37
    Cash flow to total debt (percent) 15.48
    Return on assets 2.01
    Return on equity 5.46
    Source: Cleverly

    I am attaching the financial statement I am completing lost can anyone please help!

    Ratio Analysis

    Resource: Table 4-2 on p. 71 of the text

    Due Date: Day 4 [Individual forum]

    Compute the following ratios from Arcadia Hospital's 2005 financial statements:

    Current ratio
    Total asset

    Compare these ratios with the 1999 median for all U.S. acute care hospitals listed in Table 4-2.
    Answer the following and explain your answer: What was the financial status of Arcadia in 2005?
    Compute the following ratios from Arcadia Hospital's 2005 financial statements:

    Long-term debt/equity
    Total margin

    Explain whether the ratios are leverage or profitability ratios. If a leverage ratio, is it coverage or capital structure? What is the difference between the two? If a profitability ratio, discuss why it is not completely satisfactory for measuring an organization's profitability. What can these ratios tell us about Arcadia?

    Post your computations, comparisons, and answers as a Microsoft® Word attachment.

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